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Skincare Services

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Healthy Skin

Holistic Facials + Skincare Treatments

We believe in using quality, natural and organic inspired professional grade products that deliver on results for every skin type, every condition, every color and every skin concern.  Our approach and philosophy when it comes to healthy skincare is progressive, not aggressive.  Suitable for Women, Men and Youth.

Why Get A Facial?


+ Why Not!? Everyone needs a great, professional deep cleanse!

+ Heal conditions such as Rosecea, Eczema, Psoriasis, Aging Skin and Acne (at any age)

+ Everything on the inside shows up on the outside!

+ Improved Self-Confidence & Glowing Selfies because of healthy skincare regimens



Can be done In-Studio or At-Home within 30 - 60 minutes + Noticeable Results that last!

30-minute Consultation (virtual | in-person): $75 

In-Studio | $120 At-Home Kit

Total U Signature Facials and Specialty care treatments:

30 min $45 | 45 min $65 | 60 min $85

Bye-Bye Acne! | Age-Well: add $10 to selected service time


Gentlemen's Care Facial:  60 min $85


Signature Back Facial: add $15 to selected service time     


LED Light Therapy Treatment:  add $15 to selected service time

Therapeutic Mask Treatment: add $15 

Microcurrent Skin FirmingTreatment: add $25 

Energetic Facelift Treatment: 75min  $125 


PCA Skin Peel Treatment: 60min $150 

Skin Classic Minor Irregularity Treatment: Price Varies,

Now Offering MedSpa Experiences

botox | wellness injections | fillers | iv hydration therapy

Questions? - Ask The Experts

Organic Spray Tans

Let's be honest, who among us does not desire a beautiful, golden, bronzed healthy sun-kissed glow?

Answer: we all do!  Our organic spray tans are perfect for every hue and gender! Guys love it for the six-pack rip effect and Ladies love it for everything- even out skin tones, special occasions and all else between!

Here's why Total U airbrush spray is in High Demand:


+ Easy application = no color mixing to find your right shade! With our solution, the brown sugar derived from green apples gives the skin the most natural looking color. #NaturalLookingColor 

+ Our solution is world renowned for the most natural color in airbrush tanning!

+ You never have to worry about turning orange nor red! The patent pending formula uses organic apples which oxidize into a golden brown color.

+ Created by young female entrepreneurs based out of Los Angeles, our tanning solution is noted as being the most popular to be used among countless celebrities in Hollywood and now here in Atlanta when they book with Total U!

+ Pleasant fragrance & faster drying time allows you to get your glow on fast!

+ Fades evenly and lasts approximately 7-10 days.

+ We want to emphasize just how natural your spray will look... YOUR SPRAY WILL LOOK AS THOUGH THE SUN NATURALLY KISSED YOU! Yep, we said it! We mean it! We can prove it!


Cost: $60 In-Studio (Standard) | $70 In-Studio (Rapid) | $95 In-Studio Contouring

Glow Pretty

Lash Lift & Brow Lamination

Glow Natural

A word on

Lash & Brow Tinting...

DARE to be different. DARE to be YOU- Naturally YOU!

Lashes, Brows, Extensions oh my!  We love the effect lash and brown extensions can do for you, but sometimes, it's just a little too much and holistically speaking, you need to give the delicate hairs a break.  The solution you ask?... Book a Luxe Lash Lift & Brow Lamination service with us and watch how quickly you fall in love with your options!

Lash Lift will give your natural lashes length, lift and curl. It is the perfect alternative for those who desire an alternative to eyelash extensions. BONUS PERK: the lift usually lasts approximately 4-8 weeks and offers a lovely, naturally enhanced eye wink. 

Brow Lamination gives you the beautiful, sleek brows you've always wanted. No more unruly hair growth and taming them with gel. This service is the perfect, healthier alternative to the invasive [and sometimes incorrect color matching] microblading. Get the appearance of a fuller brow regardless if you've been plucked, waxed, thinned out to near nothingness. Lasts approximately 6 weeks.




Aside from being suitable for all genders + able to resume life as normal after 24-hours, you experience a Faster Service Time, Pain Free Application, plus Preserve Your Natural Lashes & Brows longer. What's better than that?... Holistic Kertain Processing, Cruelty-Free Products, Tinting may also be applied during this service for an accentuated look, and you get to rave that you got your Beautiful Lashes & Brows done at Total U!      

Cost: $99 Lash Lift Only | $129 Lash Lift + Tint *(Lash Lift = LL) 

            $129 Brow Lamination | $159 Brow Lamination + Tint *(Brow Lamination = BL)


            $249 LL + BL Combo | $275 LL + BL + Tint Combo

Ready to ditch the brow pencil and mascara for a while? You will fall in LOVE our natural plant and vegetable based tint color options that lasts up to six weeks! Benefits: specifically designed for your lashes + brows = SAFE to use + Service Application is FAST + Water-Proof, Smudge-Proof Beauty that is naturally YOU!


Tint Service Only: $30 each Lash or Brow | $54 Lash + Brow Combo



“What an absolutely amazing experience!! Loving the look of it [organic spray tan] so far too! I have no doubts that I will continue coming back here.”

— Angela, Happy Client

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