A journey to wellness

"To be well is to be civil unto thine own self. To be civilized is to be and do well unto others." 

-Kai Evans, Founding Visionary & Owner

Wellness & Civility Expert | Author | Transformational Speaker

Total U Wellness Spa & Consulting Studios

the total u brand

the total u brand


inside total u

Over the years, we have grown with our brand originating from humble beginnings. Beginning as a two-person mobile spa, offering only skincare and massage, we have since expanded our repertoire. With deeper and more specialized education, licenses, and certifications we offer you the very best in spa experiences, nutritional health-wellness coaching, and holistic life counseling inclusive of civility, a mindful lifestyle, and etiquette consulting. 


Living in a state of well-being is highly important to us. It is our desire to ensure that your Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotional, and Social states of wellness and well-being are operating in harmonizing unity- just as life intends for it to be.  Therefore, our goal is to offer you a full experience that aims to heal you from the inside out versus a simple, short-lived surface treatment. 


In all that we do, we seek to bring you a balance of sustainable, healthy options that will render long-term results.  At Total U, we are mindfully conscious of what we put in and on our bodies, as well as what we do to our bodies, and you should as well.  Our visionary founder and owner, Kai Evans, states it this way: "How well you treat your body today, absolutely determines how well you will live tomorrow."


We invite you to enter into our holistic haven for a transformational experience in all things spa, beauty, and wellness. Albeit a relaxing in-person spa experience; a fun Organic Spray Tan; you indulging yourself at home with one of our luxurious product offerings; or participating in an in-person or virtual educational or consulting experience, we promise to deliver on a service-level that will leave your mind, body and spirit feeling more than pampered, rather, more whole and naturally transformed. 

Breathe In The Experience...

Your wellness experience at Total U Wellness Spa & Consulting Studios is our primary goal.  When it comes to delivering on services and products providing the results that you love, we strive to do so in excellence. Located in Northwest Atlanta, we specialize in safe, non-invasive, holistic spa and wellness care.


Our service approach is designed to enhance your overall well-being, health, and natural beauty- progressively, not aggressively, and with refinement so as to help you realize your personal goals with long-lasting results.  Understanding that true healing emanates from the inside out, we have been recognized as a leader in many advanced wellness coaching and spa service programs.


As you explore our offerings, you will find that there is literally something for the entire family.  The goal of our team of expert practitioners is for you to have more than a surface treatment, rather, an experience that supports whole, restorative health, transformational wellness, and natural well-being, even when it comes to our cosmetic beauty experiences.  So, whether you require an improved nutrition plan, have blemished-prone skin, are in need of a therapeutic facial or massage, or simply desire an awesome year-round glow from our organic spray tans, we offer you the best in customer service and customized treatment modalities that are supported with natural, organic professional product lines. 


You are the best project you will ever work on, so we welcome you to unearth the beauty of your True Self, your Total YOU in beauty and wellness. Enhance your experiences then share the apparent goodness by gifting your family, friends, and business colleagues! Our e-Gift Card or customized Gift Certificate makes gifting a wonderful wellness experience in itself! Purchase one today, as we are confident each of you will always leave our studios feeling restored, reconnected, and refreshed from our intentional efforts of helping to bring your best YOU forward!