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Total U Skin & Body Wellness Spa

Beauty. Health. You.

Welcome Radiant One! 


As your trusted wellness spa provider, we assist in your journey of all things radiant- YOU, your skin, vibrant whole health, wellness, and well-being. Often absorbed into everyone and everything around, it helps to be reminded of the importance of making YOU and your self-care the priority. 


Our team of licensed practitioners partners with you in a holistic approach towards looking good and feeling even better.  With each experience, we help to invoke the radiance which seeks to emerge as the great expression of you!  From dynamic spa services and products inclusive of facials, skincare, cosmetic beauty, and mind-body wellness we work to address whole, self-restoration so that you may experience a homeostasis balance in aging-well the #TotalUWellness way.


When you open yourself up to intentional, heart-full living you begin to improve your primary sensoriums in Spirit, Mind, Body, Emotional, and Social states of well-being.  Let it begin with you taking a nurturing moment to "Breathe In The Experience of Total U Skin & Body Wellness Spa." 


Back Massage


T.C., First-Time Facial Experience

My facial experience was excellent and the small added touches of massage and aromatherapy were divine. 

I will definitely return!

J.P., Loyal Client Review

On skincare treatment...

Excellent! I felt totally refreshed & beautiful when I was done. 


On Holistic Wellness Counseling...

I couldn't ask for a better person to walk me through my journey.

K.V., Organic Spray Tan Experience

Wow!!! I've done spray tans a lot and I tell you this is the best experience I got so far. Very personalized and super friendly. I felt comfortable and I'm so happy with the result. 

I wish I could give more than 5 stars!!!

Highly recommend!!!!

"Beauty is not in the face; it is a light in the heart."

-Khalil Gibran 

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