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Whole Body Steam Therapy

Mind-Body Detox | Pain Relief | Weight Loss Assist

  • 20 minutes
  • Begins at $55+
  • Roswell Road

Service Description

An enhanced therapeutic modality designed to assist with your sore points. Using Far Infrared (FIR) sauna blanket technology, our full-body steam therapy experience provides muscle relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, skin rejuvenation & radiant glow, cellular detoxification, and cellulite reduction while assisting with inch and weight loss- from your neck down. When the blood vessels dilate [from deep heat] the body increases its blood circulation thus allowing more oxygen into soft tissue injuries and sore muscles = pain reduction with an expedited healing process. Additionally, the increased blood circulation carries metabolic waste products that deliver oxygen-rich blood to oxygen depleted muscles which aid in a faster recovery. When tissues are warm, your muscles become more readily relaxed. Offering you the same effect as a real sauna, you will sweat out excess water weight and toxins for an overall better health experience. Additional benefits realized by our clients include: + Joint & Muscular Relief + Fat-Burning & Bloating Relief + Increased Metabolism & Energy + Deep Relaxation (improving memory and sleep) + Relief from discomforts of arthritis and fibromyalgia + Enhanced Internal Cleansing (inquire within about our full-body cleansing programs) + Improved Circulation + Hormone Balancing + Brighter, clearer eyes + Enhance Immune System (fewer colds, headaches, allergy relief, body congestions) + Enhance Nutrition Absorption and Healing + Liver Detoxification Super Boost with the enhancements of: Replenishing Micronutrient & Minerals | Clinical Sound Therapy Frequencies | Reiki Energy Balancing | Auricular Reflexology | Face & Neck Massage | Customized Aromatherapy for Whole Body Detox, Weight Loss, Immunity Boost. *Basic Steam Session begins at $55 for 20-minute sessions. For optimal results, 45-minute sessions and series packages are highly recommended. Prices are adjusted accordingly for Time Increase and/or Enhancement Upgrades.

Contact Details

  • 2050 Roswell Road, Marietta, GA, USA