The Total U Women's Goddess Steam

The “V” WHAT?!?


One of the many ways that women can heal their wombs is through experiencing our Goddess Steam, also known as the Yoni Steam, the V-Steam (Vaginal Steam), Korean Hip Bath, Bajo Steam and the Chai Yok. For generations throughout the world, women in indigenous countries have been practicing this healing technique and restoring wellness to their lives and most sacred parts.


The Total U Goddess Steam is designed to:


  • Treat vaginal cramping

  • Help shrink and in some reported instances, remove fibroids and cysts

  • Detoxify and Cleanse a stagnant womb

  • Clears up bacterial, yeast and intra-uterine infections

  • Replenish vaginal flora


When suffering from hormonal imbalances as many women in their late 30’s and beyond often do, the steam can assist in re-balancing hormones to their most natural state. If you experience extra long menstrual cycles regularly steaming will bring your cycles within a normal range and if you have short cycles will extend them to the ideal 4 day red flow cycle. If sex is currently painful with your partner or spouse, regularly steaming can rehydrate the vaginal walls helping to make sex pleasurable and enjoyable again.

Do or have you suffered from postpartum, fertility challenges, and/or miscarriages?


For women that are in the postpartum phase of pregnancy, you no longer have to wait for 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery to recover or 8 weeks after a cesarean section. You can begin steaming  within 2-3 days after delivery to shorten your recovery time, tighten the vaginal walls, remove any scar tissue, repair prolapse, help with any tears due to episiotomy, as well as assist with the disbursement of water weight allowing circulation to the abdomen, thereby helping to shed the “baby weight” faster.


For ladies that are experiencing challenges becoming pregnant, beginning a steam treatment regimen has been known to increase pregnancy rates especially for those that have been identified as having “unexplained Infertility”.


For women that have experienced a miscarriage, steam treatments have been noted as beneficial in that it can cleanse the uterus of any tissue not released during the miscarriage, and will return the period and hormones back to a normal state allowing menstruation to become healthy before attempting to try conceiving again.


What we have captured is just a snippet as to the many healing properties of this service.  There are numerous reports and countless health benefits for Women when it comes to steaming.  Begin your journey to a healthier you and allow your inner-Goddess to emerge.

P.S.  our research has also unearthed some wonderful steaming benefits for Men as well.  Learn more with us, so that on your next visit in, you can bring along that special man in your life and assist in his journey towards Royal Restoration.

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