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Returning Guests Are The BEST!

We are delighted you have returned!  To share our appreciation, we wish to enroll you into our Loyalty Program + gift you with a $5 Spa Dollar Reward that can be used toward your next completed experience or product purchase.  From there, you have the opportunity to earn one (1) heart point for every $25 USD spent on completed service experiences.  Upon reaching 100 points, you will receive another $5 Spa Dollar Reward.

Increase your Spa Dollar Rewards by doing any or all of the following:

  • Follow + Tag us on Social MediaFaceBook | Instagram | Twitter ​

  • Write a [glowing] Review on either of our social media pages listed above and/or via Google, YELP, etc.

  • Share your Testimonial either in writing via our on-site Guest Book post-appointment, our website, and/or via email

  • Refer a member of your Tribe (family, friends, colleagues, etc.. When they receive a service or make a purchase, we will reward you both!)

  • Purchase Products valued at $50+

+ Save your earned Spa Dollar Rewards to use towards a new experience or add-on enhancement!

Spa Dollar Rewards may be used towards the purchase of products or service experiences offered at Total U locations, but are not redeemable for cash nor are they redeemable online. Total U reserves the right to modify or terminate the terms of this program at any time.


Click Here to get started + claim your first $5 Spa Dollar Reward!

We look forward to having you #BreatheInTheExperience of Total U again soon!


Wellness Wishes, 

Total U Skin & Body Wellness Spa Team

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