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"The best gift is the time you give yourself to love on and be well with You."


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Click on Images to Learn More
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Begin with You

Coaching | Consulting

The journey of you begins with YOU! 

Our Coaching & Consulting experts are ready to assist you with your journey of healing. We offer Health Nutrition Coaching for the entire family; Skin & Body Wellness Consulting; Social and Professional Etiquette, as well as Civility Consulting and much more.  Schedule your session today!

Coaching | Consulting

Our newest product rave! 

We are excited to share with you our Education + Resources Program! At Total U, we believe that when you learn, you grow and what can be better than an eCourse or book to help guide you towards your personal wellness goals?! Click Here to view our current eCourse offerings or Click Here for our Live Workshop Bookings.

Image by Daniel Fazio

Education + Resources

Education + Resources

Wellness retreats

Image by Marc Babin

Wellness retreats

You've asked and we are delivering! 

Our Wellness Retreats are the perfect way to immerse yourself into a healing zone designed just for you! Filled with amazing wellness sessions, workshops, and superb spa services offered at exclusive domestic and international locations with the exquisite cuisine, the beauty of nature, her trails and excursions will leave you absolutely renewed! For more information, click here

webinars + seminars

Tune In or Attend our next Webinar | Seminar! 

The world's vision definitely became much clearer in 2020! So much has occurred and still, unfortunately, occurring that it is simply a lot to take in at one time. And, before we can blink there's something else afoot. Join us on our next webinar or seminar to address topics that are impacting to your health and well-being. We have proven strategies, resources, and tools designed to help equip and navigate you through with the best gift being your ability to begin implementing them right away!


What's On Your Calendar?

webinars + seminars

The Perfect Gift
Image by Tim Chow


The Perfect Gift
The Perfect Gift


Mindfulness is Wellness

When we are born, we are born with the same levels of human knowing, instincts, and needs. Those are: To be LOVED, ACCEPTED, NURTURED, HEARD, CARED FOR, PROTECTED, SUPPORTED, VALUED, RESPECTED, UNDERSTOOD, and APPRECIATED.  

We do not know nor do we begin to understand anything different, until it is taught to us. This includes racial, cultural, and individualized belief systems. At Total U, we are conscious leaders who place high-value on Wellness & Civility and therefore, have ZERO TOLERANCE for prejudice and bias thinking. We choose to see and greet you in Love, Peace, and Harmony which is the Universal language of Human-Being. We seek to Understand you, so that we may Hear you at your Spirit Core and may assist with healing the deep-rooted hurt that stems from a space of being lost or in pain.  In our healing realm, Nurture and Care are common cores of our work. ALL are Accepted, Valued, Respected, and Appreciated. We expect the same in return. We pride ourselves in operating in and out of a collective consciousness of our ONENESS with God and delivering upon a service standard of excellence. We operate on values of inclusion, not exclusion. ALL people are created equal.  ALL people deserve to BREATHE! We ALL deserve to have and enjoy a life full of peace, happiness, love, joy, and harmony, and to do so abundantly. 


Racism, Bigotry, and Prejudice is an illness. One that has disturbed our world's humanity for over 400 years. If you or someone you know battles with or suffers from either of these, we encourage you to take a look deep down inside and ask: "Where do I hate myself so much that I am willing to inflict this ugly, unhealed pain onto someone who may appear to be slightly different from me?".


The healing of our human race begins with the healing of our individual self. Let us all have an equal seat at the table and begin to create a conversation and form a collective consciousness filled with love, so that we may move the needle forward. LOVE is the answer. LOVE is the key. Make LOVE for ALL your personal standards of excellence and watch our collective progress soar!

-A message from our Founder & Owner, Kai Evans    

"Let us consider the way in which we spend our lives."

-Henry David Thoreau

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